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Stock # E1175

D5 Maverick

$$12,995. 0%-36mths or Cash Price $12,495.00

Loaded & Lifted Lithium Powered LSV

Redefining Off-Road Excellence
With D5 Maverick 4, the wilderness becomes a playground. This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a testament to rugged design and engineering mastery. Tailored specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, every facet of Maverick 4 screams adventure. Its elevated chassis rises above challenges, while the advanced shock absorbers effortlessly tame the roughest terrains. Beyond its tough exterior, features like a multi-functional touchscreen and an impeccable sound system ensure that while you’re conquering the wild, you do so with unmatched style and comfort.
Embrace the Beast
Maverick 4 isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a statement. With its off-road tires ready to grip and rip, every journey promises thrilling experiences. Its outdoor “beast” aesthetic, accentuated by the side running board, showcases both function and formidable style. When you step onto Maverick 4, you’re not just starting a ride – you’re unleashing an adventure.

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D5 Maverick

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